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When to use VSTO Contrib

I created VSTO Contrib to solve many common and timeconsuming tasks when doing VSTO development. My goal is that VSTO Contrib becomes an essential part of any VSTO project, simplifying tasks like COM Interop, custom task pane integration, dependency injection, testability etc.


Ribbon Factory - Not named particularly well, this will let you achieve a MVVM style architecture with a viewmodel created for EACH context (document, workbook, contactItem appointmentitem etc). It is driven by the Ribbon type (Outlook.Explorer, Word.Document etc) which is where the name comes from, but you do not have to use the ribbon functionality.

COM Interop Helpers - helps you write clean, and correct com interop code for office development

WPF Helpers - pretty simple stuff, but saves you doing it yourself

VSTO ClickOnce Helpers - Ever tried to update you add-in via code and had problems? The VstoClickOnceUpdater class will let you simply and easily update your add-in via code, and it will use the correct version of VstoInstaller to make sure you add-in is updated correctly!

Outlook Synchronisation Helpers - Because outlook is very Items based, a common scenario is a synchronisation add-in. VSTO Contrib has some generic helper classes which will make synchronisation easy.

Outlook Folder Monitor - Gives you added, edited, deleted events for any MAPIFolder in outlook

Outlook User Property Helpers - Type safe extension methods which will properly create user properties, and make sure all COM references are deterministically cleaned up.

Folder Home Page Registrar - If you want to host a control within a outlook folder (ala MS Crm add-in), you have to do a bit of funky com registration. These helpers make it easy. note your add-in MUST be running with administrator rights for this installer to work

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